Jedediah Logsdon

LASER29 | June 8th, 2013

Magic Cap is minimal.  
Magic Cap comes from the hard drive. Magic Cap is "computer."
Magic Cap  is "music."
Magic Cap is for you.



Ryan McRyhew

LASER29 | April 22nd, 2013



Docile Rottweiler & SFTSTPS

LASER27 | May 29th, 2013 | C30 | ED30

New split release from Docile Rottweiler A.K.A Denver's Stephan Herrera (of Alphabets / Phonebooks fame) and SFTSTPS,  Berlin transplant/ former BDRMPPL member Nicholas Houde.  "Docile Rottweiler" moves four tracks deep into a terrestrial cave from which distant steel drums and diluted baselines chase your skull into a rave attended by cats in latex body suits. "SFTSTPS"  slides through the life cycle of a cassette recorder possessed  by screwed R&B stylings and bubbling synth lines, weaving a dense stream of disembodied MCs and delicate field-recordings.

Indiana FreeMason Everything

Peter Speer

LASER26 | May 22nd, 2013 | C20 | ED30

We are pleased to announce the release of "Indiana Freemason Everything" by Chicago's very own Peter Speer. Beginning with "Magnetic Resonance Image" the release unwinds from within the gentle ebb of an oscillation coaxing the stereo-field into a plain of virtual linearity , before being deftly called into place. Side B concludes with "Temp Bells" a cinematic work for electronic percussion propelled into an abyss of horror inflected suspension. Minimalism of the highest order.



LASER25 | April 1st, 2013 | C30 | ED30

The new release from California based synthesist Candescent "Port Nacelle", finds its way through two slow burners of subtle analog drift. Port Nacelle realizes some new form of furniture music, a terrestrial presence lazily inhabiting the border between sculpture and composition.

Strange modes


LASER24 | December 04, 2012

Strange Modes is a Wiard Synthesizer centric release. All sounds were created electronically with Wiard System 300 / 1200 or Malekko/Wiard Modules. All donated funds will go to supporting

voltage patterns

Ryan McRyhew

LASER23 | May 10, 2012

All sounds were created electronically with an Analog Modular System in one take with no edits.


Jedediah Logsdon

LASER18 | November 11, 2011

Recorded Mixed Written And Arranged From August 2009 To March 2011 In Chicago and Seattle By Jedediah Logsdon. A concrete composition presented in three segments (cycles). No razor blades were used in the making of this recording. "tape music" ? As manipulative as a photograph